Review: The French Gourmet

Pacific Beach in San Diego is notoriously known for its crazy bar scene and is the nightlife spot for UCSD students. However a couple of miles away is the quiet, quaint neighborhood of Bird Rock. Among the cafes and gastropubs is a french bakery/restaurant hybrid called The French Gourmet. The dining area can seat at most 25 people so it can get pretty loud when its at capacity. I definitely heard everything that the couple said next to me but it didn’t distract me from the delicious food.

I dined here during San Diego Restaurant Week so they only offered the $20 3-course dinner menu. For my appetizer I chose the onion soup gratinée. It was on the salty side but still tasty. My entree was the grass-fed New Zealand NY strip steak medium rare with Béarnaise sauce served with Kennebec fries and steamed vegetables. The steak was tender and still pink in the middle. They definitely didn’t skim on the portion size. I asked the waiter to recommend a patisserie maison and he said the cheesecake was his favorite. The cheesecake was mediocre. Overall the $20 dinner menu was a deal! The French Gourmet serves solid french food and is a cool place to check out if you’re in the area.



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