Cream Puffs

For Christmas dinner, I wanted to make a delicious dessert for my family. I follow the Food52 website which is a social media for all types of cooks. Definitely check it out if you want to find some clever, unique dishes. They featured an article on croquembouche which is just a tower of cream puffs. I didn’t stack the cream puffs but I did make the lil puffs.

WARNING: the pate choux (dough) is very sticky and messy. It was a challenge to put the dough in the pastry bag and clean up afterwards. Definitely had some help from my mom on cleaning the mess up. But it definitely paid off when the puffs came out perfectly out of the oven.


I made an easy vanilla pastry cream and injected it into the puffs using the pastry bag. Before I served them for dessert at Christmas dinner, I melted Hershey’s milk chocolate and dunked each cream puff in it. These bite sized puffs are addicting; my cousin easily ate 10 of them.

-Miss Mea



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